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Spring Jade

Spring Jade is a non-fermented tea . It mostly one-bud-and-two-leaf harvest - are tightly kneaded into long slim stripes with tips covered with white hairs. The unfurled leaves really unveil the crispy greenness and the velvety touch of the leaves.

Spring Jade is an excellent tea to enjoy early in the morning, the ethereal and charmingly nutty aroma is very inviting and decorated with a touch of sweet creaminess. The liquor is bright and crystal-clear and the taste has a wonderful smooth and clean finish. After-taste is pleasant and lingering.


生産地 台北縣三峡鎮
発酵度 不発酵(緑茶)
推奨茶器 磁器製の茶壺・急須、蓋碗、マグカップ、グラス
茶葉の分量 茶壺・急須・蓋碗→4分の1
お湯の温度 60~80℃前後
時間の目安(75℃) 茶壺、急須→80秒
(2煎目-15秒、以降+20秒ずつ )